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About The Westchester-Putnam College Conferences

By Louis C. Brunelli

What happens at the College Conference?

The College Conference is an important event to help you plan your future. Primarily, it is an information gathering day, a time for you to learn about many different schools and colleges.


How does the College Conference fit into my guidance program?

Guidance is indeed a curri­culum in which school counselors do not simply advise and counsel but attempt to teach students how to make decisions, how to collect information, and how to develop effective plans.


How does this affect college selection?

College selection – the de­cis­­ion whether or not to go to college or some kind of post-secondary school, as well as which college to go to – is one of the most important decisions a person has to make in life. The better your guidance program has prepared you to make decisions, the better your college selection decision is bound to be.


Will there be any special services?

Professional counselors will be available to speak with students and parents about college selection and financial aid. Financial aid information, as well as a variety of banking programs for financing an education, can be discussed with representatives from a number of local banks. In addition, representatives from the military services will be there to discuss direct enlistment as well as ROTC and other college programs.

Who represents the colleges and schools?

In almost all instances, a full-time employee of the college or school’s admissions office attends the conference. Some schools are represented by alumni who have donated their time to speak with prospective students.


Can’t I just take a virtual tour online?

Be sensible. Sure you’re busy but one look in person can be worth a thousand views on a Web site. Plus, you don’t know how old those images are. You want to see what’s happening now. The feelings you get by spending a day visiting classes, dorms, the cafeteria, admissions staff, etc. usually are the real deciding factors in making a good college selection. Students should always visit a campus before making their final decision. Also, many colleges expect you to visit and assume you’re not too interested if you don’t make the effort. College visitation policies vary greatly. Talk to your counselor about various colleges.

My SATs and ACTs really are low compared to my high school average. I guess this eliminates me from a highly competitive college, doesn’t it?

This is a major reason why college conferences are so helpful. Talk to the admissions representatives and explain your concerns. Most colleges look at many factors especially high school average, when reviewing a person’s overall potential


Louis Caesar Brunelli
Conference Coordinator

Lauraine Mosca

Guidance Counselor / Walter Panas HS

Kay Buckley

Guidance Counselor (Retired)


Henry Cafaro

Guidance Counselor / White Plains HS


Nick DiPaolo

Department Chair / Westlake High School


Eleanor Frey

Guidance Counselor (Retired)


Barbara Kerasiotes

Guidance Counselor / Lakeland High School


William Lessa

Principal / Cardinal Hayes HS


William Lessa, II

Guidance Counselor/ /Cardinal Hayes HS


Timothy O’Dwyer

Guidance Counselor / Westlake High School

Al Reid

Guidance Counselor / Yorktown High School


Mark Ridder

School Guide Publications


Myles Ridder

School Guide Publications


Victor Ridder

School Guide Publications


Nicholas Ruotolo

Guidance Counselor / Carmel High School


Martin Sommer

Guidance Counselor / SW BOCES (Retired)


Daniel Woodard

Assistant Principal / White Plains HS (Retired)

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